What we do

The Revive Our Gulf project is an initiative to restore the seabed kūtai reefs of Tīkapa Moana / Te Moananui a-Toi / The Hauraki Gulf. 

The Vision | Te whakakitenga

Abundance & biodiversity returned. Mauri ora!

He Tīkapa Moana kua whakanikotia ki te papamoana ākau kuku kua whakarauoratia, ki te pūnaha hauropi, ki ngā kararehe moana rerenga rauropi.

Our vision is a Hauraki Gulf, enhanced with restored seabed mussel reefs, healthy ecosystems, and a natural biodiversity of marine life.

The mission | Te Whāinga

Te re-mussel the Gulf.

Kia whakahaumanutia ngā ākau kūtai o Te Moana ki Tīkapa/Te Moananui ā-Toi.

Re-musseling the Gulf involves working in partnership with iwi, hapu, whānau and community to restore the mussel reefs of the Hauraki Gulf.

Our strategic framework

2021-2022 Strategic Framework


Revive Our Gulf works in partnership with iwi, hapu, whānau and communities to restore the mussel beds of the Hauraki Gulf. We’re building knowledge and creating conditions for large-scale restoration.

We bring together expertise in marine science and mātauranga, consenting and biosecurity. We combine resources and funding to get mussel reef restoration projects supported and underway.  Find out more about our current projects here.


You’ll find educational resources about mussel reef restoration on this website.   We are also happy to present the Revive Our Gulf project to school groups and businesses.


We advocate for a more enabling environment for mussel reef restoration. This includes more workable biosecurity protocols and consent conditions. We also work to support benthic and marine protection, so the mussel reefs we put down become sustainable. You’ll find our submissions and advocacy positions here.

Principal Partners & Funders