Mauri from mussels Mussel reefs once dominated the Hauraki Gulf. Bringing them back is key to improving its mauri, or life-force. Find out why we want to re-mussel the Gulf.


Why re-mussel the gulf?

Mussel reefs stabilise the seafloor, support other marine life, and help clean the water.

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What we do.

We’re building knowledge and creating conditions for large-scale restoration.

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Okahu Bay Marina

Love the Hauraki Gulf?

Got a special connection to the Gulf? Boaties, fishers, divers: Here’s how you can help the cause.

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Submission to the Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana Marine Protection Bill

The Mussel Reef Restoration Trust has submitted in support of the Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana Marine Protection Bill. This Bill forms part of the Government’s Revitalising the Gulf strategy, a response to a decades worth of work from community gro…

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About the Revive Our Gulf project

This video describes the Revive Our Gulf project.

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Ōkahu Bay

Situated 10 minutes drive along the waterfront from Auckland’s CBD is Ōkahu Bay.  Looking out across the Waitematā towards Rangitoto there was once a carpet of  kūtai / mussels forming extensive reefs in the Rangitoto channel. Working …

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Removal of harmful nitrogen – another reason to ‘re-mussel the Gulf’

Scientists have been digging in to understand how kūtai / green-lipped mussels remove nitrogen as part of the nutrient cycle. The results are staggering.

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We acknowledge the Treaty rights of tangata whenua across Tīkapa Moana / Te Moananui ā-Toi.  All our projects are conducted in partnership and collaboration with iwi / hapū and the wider community.


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